Updates to NVIDIA’s Unreal Engine 4 Branch, DLSS, and RTXGI Available Now

NVIDIA has released updates to DLSS, NVIDIA’s Unreal Engine 4 Branch, and RTXGl.

To help developers get the most out of Unreal Engine 4 as they head into the new year, NVIDIA RTX UE4.26 has just been released. We have also released the first DLSS plugin that can be used with both NVIDIA’s NvRTX branch and mainline UE4, along with an updated UE4 Plugin for RTX Global Illumination.


The new NVIDIA UE4.26 Branch offers all of the benefits of mainline UE4.26, while providing some additional features: 

  • Faster ray tracing
    • NVRTX includes a number of improvements to ray tracing performance. Some of these are tunable, some are automatic. 
  • New tools
    • New debugging tools like the BVH viewer and Ray Timing Visualization allows developers to get a handle on ray tracing cost in their scene and get it tuned for speed.
  • Hybrid Translucency
    • Another way to do ray traced translucency, with greater compatibility, speed and rendering options.  
  • World position offset simulation for ray traced instanced static meshes (beta)
    • Allows ambient motion of foliage like trees and grass.
    • Uses approximate technique of shared animations to reduce overhead for simulating a full forest.
    • Selectable per instance type.
  • Inexact Shadows (beta)
    • Deals with potential mesh mismatches of ray traced and raster geometry.
    • Dithers shadow testing to hide potential artifacts. 
    • Enables approximations that improve performance in the management of ray tracing data.

An updated build of NVIDIA RTX UE4.25 has also been released, which includes all of the new features listed. 

Both branches can be found here

NVIDIA DLSS Plugin for UE4

NVIDIA DLSS is a deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates and generates beautiful, sharp images for your games. It delivers the performance headroom needed to maximize ray tracing settings and increase output resolution. It is available for the first time for mainline UE4 (in beta), compatible with UE4.26 Enjoy great scaling across all RTX GPUs and resolutions, and the new ultra performance mode for 8K gaming. 

Request access to the beta for NVIDIA DLSS plugin for UE4 here.


Leveraging the power of ray tracing, NVIDIA RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) provides scalable solutions to compute multi-bounce indirect lighting without bake times, light leaks, or expensive per-frame costs. RTXGI is supported on any DXR-enabled GPU and is an ideal starting point to bring the benefits of ray tracing to your existing tools, knowledge, and capabilities. We have updated our RTXGI UE4 plugin with bugs fixes, image quality improvements, and support for UE4.26.

Request access to the RTXGI plugin for UE4 here

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