Tensorflow Image Resize, Crop and Centering Advice

Tensorflow Image Resize, Crop and Centering Advice

Hi there!

Looking for a way of manipulating something like this:

From image (3456px x 5184px)

To something like this:

To image (1500px x 1500px)

There are a decent number of variations on this, e.g. more or
less zoomed in (depending on garment length), front and back sides
of the garment, two different mannequins, some images without a
mannequin etc. I have around 2500 garments, so around 5000 images
front and back.

I’ve got some basic experience with TensorFlow and Keras, having
completed a traffic flow prediction project for uni which used past
traffic data fed into a stacked auto encoder network. Pretty
inexperienced in this area though.

I have a few questions:

  1. Is it even something that I’d want to be doing with TensorFlow?
    It feels like something I could hack together by adding extra info
    to the image filenames and using a library like Pillow, but there
    are some variations which means it may not work great in all
    circumstances, plus, using ML would be a more interesting
  2. If yes, I saw that TensorFlow has an image processing library
    which seems like what I need, but I’m unsure on where to get
    started using it
  3. Are there any good examples/tutorials/videos focused on image
    manipulation like this?

I’ve done a bit of research though haven’t had much luck, but
feel free to call me an idiot if I’ve missed an obvious,
preexisting project or solution.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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