Looking for app or project: Combining head with body preserving style?

I want to get a head combined with a body preserving art style. Or that head generating a body around it (image completion) using a trained model from a dataset.
In short:
Input 1: Single image of a head X in style A
Input 2: Single image of a body Y in style B
Data I have: a lot of same-size images of characters (with heads and bodies) in style B
Output: Single image of body Y with head X in style B (rather seamless, but no need to be perfect)

Couple of days ago I ran into a big list of Google collabs but most don’t describe properly what they do, and the few that do, won’t do what I need.
What application or project do you recommend for this? If it’s a project, will it run on CPU? I’ve got Windows and can install Anaconda.
Bottom line: is there in the very least an application or project that just gets head X into body Y regardless of style?

My experience so far:

In RunwayML I trained a StyleGAN model with art portraits of the same style and size, but after that, it does only image synthesis (creates new random portraits with the same style)😒 . It won’t take an input photo and turn it into a portrait in that style. At a fairly expensive subscription and machine-use fee, I think it offered very little bang for the buck.

Artbreeder portrait tools are better and fees are quite lower, and include using uploaded photos as inputs, mixing photos and creating new “genes” for the faces that may include an art style. However, its portrait tools are limited to heads only, from the neck up. It’s also terrible at preserving features such as piercings, tattoos, horns, elf ears etc.

Big thanks to anyone who might help.

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