Hello World!!! I built a Course on Udemy where I teach you how to build 8 reinforcement learning agents in environments like Mario, Flappy Bird, Stocks and Much More!! You only need to know Python! (FREE FOR LIMITED TIME)

In this course I will teach you 8 agents including:

· Space Invaders Agent using Keras-RL

· Autonomous Taxi using Q-Learning built from scratch

· Flappy Bird Agent using Deep Q Network that we build from scratch

· Mario Agent using Deep Q Network that we build from scratch

· A reinforcement Learning S&P 500 stock trading agent that is rewarded with making money off the stock market!

· Another Reinforcement Learning Stock Trading Agent using 89 different Technical indicators (you can pair these to make a lot of money off the stock market 😉)

· 3 Car agents that learn to maneuver roundabouts, parking lots, & merge onto a highway

The only thing you need to know is Python! If you are interested in cutting edge technology, then this is the course for you! Check it out!

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