NOOB: How to get TensorFlow model to run on Jetson Nano?

Hello –

I built a model (for ANPR) using TensorFlow and EasyOCR. Over the past week or so, getting TensorFlow to install on the Jetson Nano has been next to impossible. Tons of issues with it (some are documented) and overall I found one person that was able to get it running well which took over 50hrs to install on the Jetson Nano.

This said, there has to be a better way to get a TensorFlow model to run on a Jetson Nano. Does anyone know how to go about doing this? Is this where ONNX comes in (if so, any ideas/resources you might be able to point me to that shows how?)

Maybe I should go down another rabbit hole and try to do ANPR with PyTorch as I have read in the NVIDIA forums that PyTorch seems to be a bit easier to run on the Jetson line?

Any/all thoughts/help is much appreciated.


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