Detection label is interchanged ( dog detected as cat and cat detected as dog)

I was learning about object detection for multiple classes. If given a cat image,it should detect a cat. If given a dog image, it should detect a dog. Here is a gist of what I did.

1) Created a dateset of dogs and labelled them. 2) Created a datset of cats and labelled them. 3) Put them both in a single folder ( dogs+cats) 4) Spllit them into train and test( 80,20) 4) Generated TF records. (test, train) 5) Downloaded pretrained ssd_mobilenetv2 from zoo, changed pipeline.config ( classes=2, batch_size=16, steps=2000) 6) Trained the model, ended at a total loss of 1.2 7) Exported the model to a .pb file 8) Tested the model by giving an image.

This is where, I am confused. If I give an image of a dog, the bounding box is showing that it is a cat, if I give an image of a cat it is shown that it is a dog. I am really confused as to where I made the mistake.

Did I make a mistake in the dataset preparation by creating the datesets separately and then merging them together? Or can anything else cause this.

Any thoughts on the causes?

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