Auto trigger bot for CS:GO in Tensorflow Keras

Don’t worry this bot is absolutely abysmal in online games if anyone tried to use it for this purpose. The detection is nowhere near as fast as human eye to finger reflex, even if you are a complete “noob”.

The reason I made this series is because not only was it fun and usual for me, maybe even uncharted territory as far as I am aware, but also I felt like it would be a fun way for young people to get started in learning about basic neural networks applied to computer vision.

The project includes two rather large datasets for CS:GO, one in 92×192 pixels and the other is 28×28 pixels. So if you are looking for unusual or “exotic” datasets to work with you may find this an interesting project.

The whole series can be found here:

It documents my journey through creating very basic neural networks in C and working my way up all the way to a CNN fully programmed and trained in C to then using a mixture of Tensorflow Keras and C. It covers many different aspects of working with neural networks, the intricacies of exporting Keras FNN into C and using Keras CNN models from C using a bridging daemon.

Maybe some of you will find it interesting or informative and I am always welcome to even the harshest of criticism.

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