Trying to experiment with the concept of fine-tuning and transfer learning but am getting very low accuracy, would someone be willing to take a quick look at a PDF version of my Jupyter Notebook?


I just started using Tensorflow and Keras not long along ago, and I really like the field of deep learning. Right now I am doing it as more of a hobby than anything, and I recently learned about the concepts of transfer learning and fine-tuning. I tried to apply them to a dataset of microscopic images using the tutorial here:

I am using ResNet50 with the ImageNet weights, but am far from getting good results. I think it might be because of the learning rate OR because of the activation function in my last layer OR because of the fact that I use the Adam optimizer and not SGD.

Would someone be willing to look into my code to see what’s wrong? I have uploaded it as a pdf here:

Please note that the document is long because I printed model.summary() at some point, which showed all the layers!

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