Introducing Profiling Enhancements with the Latest NVIDIA Nsight Systems

The latest update to NVIDIA Nsight Systems is now available and introduces several improvements aimed to enhance the profiling experience. 

The latest update to NVIDIA Nsight Systems—a performance analysis tool—is now available for download. Designed to help developers tune and scale software across CPUs and GPUs, this release introduces several improvements aimed to enhance the profiling experience. 

Nsight Systems is part of the powerful debugging and profiling NVIDIA Nsight Tools suite. A developer can start with Nsight Systems for overall system view and avoid picking less efficient optimizations based on assumptions and false-positive indicators. 

2021.4 Highlights Include:

  • Windows ISRs and DPCs trace
  • Windows GPU hardware-based scheduling trace 
  • Windows Direct3D12 and Vulkan correlation to WDDM events
  • NVTX event categorization support – to enable viewing of categories in isolated rows
  • Multi-report loading for multinode, VM, container, rank, and process investigations

Nsight system 2021.4 added features to help users understand how timing of other range-based events are affected by the OS interruptions to better account for jitter in statistics or consider binding their processes and threads to core with less frequent ISR and DPC processing. 

Figure 1. Windows interrupt trace lets users see when the kernel is operating within your CPU thread. 

This release also added data capture that will help users understand when, where, and how deep packets are queued.

Figure 2. Improved graphics correlation allows users to explicitly follow API work submissions through WDDM queue packets and to their GPU workloads, rather than inferring it via timing.

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