Omniverse User Group Spotlights Talented Community Members

A dirty 80's style teenager's room with video games strewn about. Graphic created using Omniverse.At NVIDIA GTC, the Omniverse User Group held its 2nd meeting, focusing on developers and users of the NVIDIA open platform for collaboration and simulation. A dirty 80's style teenager's room with video games strewn about. Graphic created using Omniverse.

Capping off a week of major announcements including the NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar, and Earth-2 Supercomputer at NVIDIA GTC last week, the community team hosted the second Omniverse User Group. 

Excited participants logged in from across the globe to hear about the future of the platform from the NVIDIA Omniverse leadership team. Participants also got a sneak peek of upcoming features and releases through presentations from partners and community members showcasing their inspiring work. 

The event culminated with an announcement of the latest contest winners, along with the first Ambassador and Omniverse Machinima expert, Pekka Varis from Catchline. Varis won the title of ambassador by helping and sharing his great knowledge of the platform with others on the forums and Discord server.

Afterward, the party migrated to the official Discord server, where the community had a blast chatting, answering questions, and learning about what excited users the most about the future of the Omniverse. 

Highlights include:

Watch the second NVIDIA Omniverse User Group

A tiled graphic of 6 headshots of user group members at the meeting.
Figure 1. NVIDIA Omniverse User Group members.

Share your work

As livestream cohost and Omniverse Community Manager, Wendy Gram, often says, “the community’s amazing work in the Omniverse inspires us every single day.” 

If you are interested in presenting to the community at a User Group meeting, in a post, or on our weekly livestream, reach out through Discord (Prof E#2041) or e-mail

We also invite you to share your work. Tag us on social media using the #NVIDIAOmniverse, or submit to the Omniverse Gallery

We look forward to seeing you in the Omniverse or at our next events. Please follow us for the latest updates.

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