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Hi guys,

Anyone here able to help with this spec? We’re looking for a tensorflow familiar app developer who can make an android app.

Mobile App Specifications
We are seeking to quickly develop a prototype Android application that
separates vocals from pop songs. The required functionality for the app is as
1. App needs to load an audio file (wav/mp3 etc) into memory.
2. A segment of audio (@12 secs in duration) will then be passed to a
tensorflow lite model to separate the audio segment into vocal audio and
non-vocal audio.
3. Another segment of audio is then taken, starting from 9 seconds after the
start of the previous segment and passed to the tensorflow lite model to
again separate the audio segment into vocal audio and non-vocal audio.
This process will be repeated until the full audio file has been processed.
4. The recovered segments need to be combined to create two complete
signals for both vocals and non-vocals. This will involve cross-fading
between the audio segments.
5. The two audio signals need to be saved to disk as audio files (wav/mp3
1. We will supply the tensorflow lite model.
2. We can provide python code which demonstrates how the segmentation of
the audio file and cross-fading should be done.
3. As this is a prototype we are more concerned with functionality rather
than design of the UI. The only concern is that it is easy and
straightforward to load the audio file and that the saved audio files are
easy to find and access.

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