Problem in tf.keras custom metric

I tried to create my own custom metric, by subclassing the tf.keras.metrics.Metric class, by doing something similar to what is done at this Keras link.

Before feeding data to the Neural Network, I pre-process them, by diving them for a scalar value equal to scalar=1200.0.
Thus, if I use the Mean Squared Error (MSE) metric already included in Keras, it calculates the “mse” value based on normalized data (instead of the original, de-normalized, data).

My aim is to define a “custom MSE”, in particular, an MSE calculated on de-normalized data.This is what I tried:

class custom_MSE(tf.keras.metrics.Metric): def __init__(self, name='custom_MSE', **kwargs): scalar_value = float(kwargs.pop('scalar')) super(custom_MSE, self).__init__(name=name, **kwargs) # super().__init__(name=name, **kwargs) self.mse_value = self.add_weight(name='mse_denormalized', initializer='zeros') self.scalar = scalar_value def update_state(self, y_true, y_pred, sample_weight=None) # SHAPES: y_true: (1000, 599); y_pred: (1000, 599, 1) y_true = tf.expand_dims(y_true, -1) # (1000, 599, 1) # de-normalization y_true_denorm = tf.multiply(y_true, self.scalar) # (1000, 599, 1) y_pred_denorma = tf.multiply(y_pred, self.scalar) # (1000, 599, 1) # MSE calculation squared_diff = tf.square(y_true_denorm - y_pred_denorm) # (1000, 599, 1) values = tf.reduce_mean(squared_diff) # (1000, 599, 1) self.mse_value.assign_add(tf.reduce_sum(values)) # (1000, 599, 1) def result(self): return self.mse_value def reset_states(self): self.mse_value.assign(0) 

If I compile the model by using the “mse” metric which comes with Keras, by compiling the model as:

model.compile(optimizer=tf.keras.optimizers.Adam(learning_rate=0.1, beta_1=0.9, beta_2=0.99), loss="mse", metrics="mse") 

I obtain “mse” values of the order of 10^-4.

Then, I tried to compile the model, by using my own “custom_mse” metric, as:

model.compile(optimizer=tf.keras.optimizers.Adam(learning_rate=0.1, beta_1=0.9, beta_2=0.99), loss="mse", metrics=custom_MSE(name="custom_MSE", maxmin="1200.0")) 

Since custom_MSE = mse * (scalar)^2,
I expected to obtain “custom_mse” values of the order of 10^(-4) * (1200.0)^2 = 10^2.
Instead, I obtained “custom_mse” values insanely too big: of the order of 10^6.

Is there anyone who could see something wrong in the above tf.keras.metrics.Metric subclass?

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