Maximize Performance of HPC Apps with HPC SDK 21.11, Available Now

The latest NVIDIA HPC SDK includes a variety of tools to maximize developer productivity, as well as the performance, and portability of HPC applications.

At the Supercomputing Conference (SC21) NVIDIA preannounced the next update to the HPC SDK. Today, the HPC SDK 21.11 release was posted for free download to Developer Program members. 

The NVIDIA HPC SDK is a comprehensive suite of compilers and libraries for high performance computing development. It includes a wide variety of tools proven to maximize developer productivity, as well as the performance and portability of HPC applications.   

The HPC SDK and its components are updated numerous times per year with new features, performance advancements, and other enhancements. 

What’s new

This 21.11 release will include updates to HPC C++/Fortran compiler support and the developer environment, as well as new multi-node mulitGPU library capabilities. 

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