Predictions using Tensorflow

hello everyone, I am new to Tensorflow and I try to find a tutorial or something that helps to create new data. My thought was to take the data I got (data of my university from the past 30 years) and look how the AI thinks the university will look like in the next 30 year’s ( so 2052). My main problem is that all the tutorials I did allways say it’s predicting, but actually it’s not exactly what I want. Most tutorial predictions show how accurate an AI can predict data to already existing data. But the thing I want is to create new data, so that I can compare the data my AI created with the data when they get measured. As example the number of students from 1992 till 2021 are already known, but I want the AI to tell me what it calculated fur the years 2022 to 2052. The AI already reads the data and is also pretty accurate, but I’m kinda lost creating the new values. Sorry if I messed up explaining myself but I really hope someone can help me here.

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