Conjugating verbs using NN?


I wanted to know if it is possible to conjugate verbs, assuming a regular pattern, using some form of NN. Essentially, I want to input a verb, in Arabic, and the output is the root form of the verb; e.g. “running” → “run”, or

“كَتَبَ” ← “يَكْتُب”.

I think I have a few challenges in this:

  1. Identify the current form of the verb, can be done using labels, I think…
  2. Transform that form into a different form, e.g. from present to past.

The second part is the one I am not sure about. I couldn’t find any information about relating text or words together under different labels. All I found was sentiment labels, and captioning images, which I don’t think necessarily solves my issue.

Any resources about something like this? Or anyone has any insight?

I am fairly new to TensorFlow, I don’t know where to necessarily look for answers, so any advice on where I should begin any research for future ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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