Expanding the NVIDIA DOCA Community for Developers in China

The developer community for NVIDIA DOCA continues to gain momentum around the world.

On January 13, NVIDIA hosted an online workshop to engage with the NVIDIA DOCA developer community in China. The core team at NVIDIA and leading partner representatives joined the workshop to discuss the application scenarios of NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and the NVIDIA DOCA software framework for cloud, data center, and edge. The workshop focused on the requirements for DOCA developers in key industries, such as consumer Internet, cybersecurity, and higher education, and designed a plan to expand the DOCA developer community in China.

Since the June 2021 launch of the DOCA community in China, nearly 1,000 developers have registered for the DOCA Early Access Program, accounting for almost half of global registrations. BlueField DPUs and DOCA show great potential for adoption in China, with developer numbers continuing to grow.

In the second half of 2021, NVIDIA has held three online bootcamps to introduce the application and future technology evolution of the BlueField DPU and DOCA in modern data centers. They also explored the software stack, development environment, developer resources, developer guides, and reference applications of the DOCA Software Development Kit (SDK). More than 3,500 developers participated in the bootcamps. At the latest bootcamp, the newest services and applications released with DOCA 1.2 attracted much attention. Technical information and success stories posted on social media and in knowledge communities have many developers and industry professionals excited about future advancements.

NVIDIA is working with leading global platform providers and partners, such as Juniper Networks, Excelero, VMware, and Palo Alto Networks, to integrate and extend solutions based on BlueField DPU and the DOCA software framework. Through the workshop, NVIDIA will help enable developers in China to develop applications in scenarios such as Zero Trust Security, Morpheus AI Security, edge network service platforms, and high-speed distributed storage. A rich developer program in China will be launched in 2022.

DOCA Developer Bootcamp and Virtual Hackathon

Following the hackathons in Europe and North America, NVIDIA intends to host the first spring DOCA Developer Hackathon in China in the second quarter of 2022. Before the hackathon, NVIDIA will host an online bootcamp to teach contestants about BlueField DPU and DOCA programming skills.

NVIDIA will invite teams of developers from partners, customers, and academia to learn, collaborate, and accelerate their software designs under the guidance of NVIDIA expert mentors. The aim is to foster innovative, breakthrough software projects based on BlueField DPU and DOCA 1.2 in high-performance networking, virtualization, cybersecurity, distributed storage, accelerated AI, edge computing, and video streaming processing. The program will empower the developer community in China to create revolutionary data center infrastructure applications and services. After evaluation, NVIDIA will reward outstanding innovation teams.

DPU and DOCA Excellence Center

Leadtek (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zentek Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. are highly familiar with NVIDIA products and solutions, including deep learning applications in cloud, data center, and edge scenarios. They have partnered with the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute to train partners and customers. 

As the first group of members of the NVIDIA authorized DPU and DOCA Excellence Center, the two partners have set up their own Excellence Centers and begun their pilots. During the pilots, each partner will independently build and operate a virtual development platform based on the BlueField-2 DPU, establish a third-party DPU development environment, provide an online practice development environment for DOCA developers in China, and contribute to the DPU and DOCA ecosystem with NVIDIA.

The implementation of the DOCA developer program in China will help grow the global DOCA developer community, facilitate talent development, and enhance the capabilities of developers. It will also boost the performance advantages of solutions based on BlueField DPU and the DOCA SDK, and accelerate time-to-market, creating greater value for customers and partners.

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