Lambda as last layer won’t return predictions for all input data

In my model I have a keras.layers.Lambda layer as the output layer. I use the layer to do some post-processing and return either a 0 or a 1. The problem arises when I run the predict function, the lambda layer only returns a small portion of the last batch data.

Like imagine you have a lambda function that returns the same constant no matter the input given, then the layer won’t give predictions on all data that was passed to it.

For example:

def output_function(x): # Return 1 no matter the input return 1 model = keras.Sequential([ keras.layers.Dense(1, activation='sigmoid'), keras.layers.Lambda(output_function) ]) test_data = tf.random.uniform(shape=(79, 1)) model.predict(test_data, batch_size=32) # Returns an array of only 3 predictions 

I suspect that it is because I don’t return a tensor of the shape (None, 1), but rather just (1). But I don’t know how to rewrite the output_function to return a tensor of shape (None, 1).

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