React Native mobile app with a Python backend running the model?

I trained a custom image classification model using Python and now want to deploy it on a native application which I’ve made using React Native. My initial approach to this was to use tfjs. However, tfjs has poor support, unresolved complaints on the forums and a ton of dependency issues when it comes to using custom models on react native, from my experience. I couldn’t figure out any of those by myself. So I switched up and am now trying to load the model on a Python REST API, and am planning to call it from my React Native app. Is this the best way to approach this problem? I’m new to machine learning and programming overall in general, and would love to hear some insight. Is it sensible to upload an image from the React Native front end and then get the prediction using the model on the back end? Also if I’m wrong about the problems with tfjs and someone has successfully used it I’d love to hear how you do it, please. Any and everything helpful is much appreciated, thank you very much.

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