classify known images and reject unknown images; Resnet50?

I am trying to build a sorting system to sort parts by taking a picture of the part, identifying the part, and then telling a robot to move the part into the appropriate bucket. 99% of the parts are known and can be trained for. 1% of the parts are not known. I would like the known parts to be put in their buckets, and all of the unknown parts to be rejected into a single bucket called unknown.

I naively thought I would be able to do this with Resnet50 by looking at the weights returned in the prediction array. I thought the predictor would have uncertainty when presented with an unknown part. However, I have discovered that Resnet50 (and perhaps all image classifiers) will force any image to be in one of it’s trained for buckets with a high level of confidence.

Because only 1% of the parts are unknown, I can’t realistically gather enough of them to train for. Furthermore, I don’t know when and where they will show up.

Does anyone know of a technique I could use to sort images of known parts into their buckets, and reject unknown parts?

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