Obtaining information from text

Hello, I am a newbie and I have done some research before asking my question which leads me to confusion about what to use for my case. Simple definiton of my problem is, I have an input which consists of 5-6 sentences at max. In these sentences I have to obtain values of some terms. For example, sometimes the input is:

-” … Pg = 250 kN …”

-” …. dead load is 250 kN …”

-” …dead load on the system is given as 250 kN.” .

And this is not the only term to obtain, I have some more terms which could be symbolised with more than one way. I have read about the named entity recognition, rule based matcher, bi-directional lstm etc. but now I am lost and don’t know what to do and which method to use. I need someone to show me the correct way , and after that I can work on that topic and solve this problem. Any help much appreciated.

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