Annoying behavior of developers not keeping reverse compatibility

Hi, I’m a new student trying to learn Tensorflow. I have already found some really good books and tutorials which helps me learn this fast. But when I started trying out the examples given I soon realized that all the good tutorials that I have are discussing about Tensorflow 1.15 and amazingly these codes will not work with tensorflow 2.0+.

I really find this cool and amazing behavior from the devolpers who have zero concern about reverse-compatibility. I can go to Google and fix the old code line by line, replacing each with the Tensorflow2 equivalent.

But since I’m a beginner, this is a nightmare for me. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms why these douchebags does not maintain reverse compatibility when these airheads update these libraries?

I really want to find the developers who did this and dip their face in boiling oil.

P.s: when is Tensorflow3 coming out? I’m now trying to learn Tensorflow2, i assume that Tensorflow3 will be completely different from Tensorflow2 and we would have to re-learn everything from scratch in that too.

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