Is labels file critical to tensorflow model function?

preface – My 7yo daughter wants to setup a camera that tells her when birds land at her bird feeders so I’m trying to help her (and take the opportunity to expose her to software/code and apparently ML)… I am in no way a software engineer or coder, so please excuse any complete ignorance…

I’m trying to implement this model (with python 3.10). I’ve found several tutorials that seem straight forward enough BUT… when I download and decompile the project (pulling it off of TFhub was causing issues so I figured this would be a simpler starting point) it doesn’t have a labels file, which all the info I’ve found seems to require… I did find an excel doc linked within the description, but it is just two columns (id and name). do I need to load this as the labels file? and how should I do that (dict?)? I’m assuming the the TF model will output an array of IDs with probabilities it’s correct? and I can then convert those IDs to a “name” however I want? or is the labels file critical to the model functioning?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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