Easy way to create augmented (generator) for image.

This package makes it easy for us to create efficient image Dataset generator.

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  • Simple, Easy and Efficient image dataset creator for segmentation and classification models.
  • Avoiding some limitations which cause performance bottleneck of learning, generate the Dataset by one-liner.
  • Augment multiple input images and multiple label images with the same transformations.
  • Adjusting sampling ratios from multiple tfrecord files are supported.


python -m pip install git+

Supported Augmentations

  • standardize
  • resize
  • random_rotation
  • random_flip_left_right
  • random_flip_up_down
  • random_shift
  • random_zoom
  • random_shear
  • random_brightness
  • random_saturation
  • random_hue
  • random_contrast
  • random_crop
  • random_noise

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