Training and testing with embeddings in transfer learning


I am doing transfer learning with google audioset embeddings. According to the documentation,

the embedding layer does not include a final non-linear activation, so the embedding value is pre-activation

I want to train and test a new model on top of these embedding layer with the embedding data. I have planned to do the following

  1. Create new dense layers.
  2. Convert the embeddings from byte string to tensor. Split these embeddings to train, test and split dataset.
  3. Input these tensors to the new model.
  4. Validate and test the model using validate dataset and test dataset.

I have two confusions with this implementation

  • Is using the embeddings as input of the new layers enough for the transfer learning? I have seen in some Transfer Learning implementation that they load pre-trained weights to the new model and freeze the layers involving those weights. But in those implementation, they use new data for training, not the embeddings from the pre-trained model. I am confused how that works.
  • Is it okay to split the embeddings to train, test and validate dataset? I am not sure if all the embeddings were used for training the pre-trained model. If they all were used, then does it make sense to use part of them as validation and test dataset?

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