Relevant point on an image – where to start?

Bit of a newbie to TF/the machine learning world. I’ve built/trained image classification & segmentation models before and have tinkered with TF recommenders before. My knowledge probably doesn’t go beyond the first few layers of the documentation/tutorials, though.

I’m wondering as to how I might accomplish something along these lines: I have approximately 20,000 images and I have manually placed a simple text watermark over the image to partially cover the subject of the image (the subject takes up 80% of the image and the watermark takes up approx 5% of the image), the watermark is small and subtle, only really noticeable if you zoom in. I have saved the coordinates for each watermark for each image file. I’m now looking to automate the placing of watermarks in a subtle position on the subject.

Could someone please link to some documentation/guides which would be appropriate for training a model to achieve this goal? I am assuming I need something along the lines of image classification but a lot of what I’m seeing is that it’s just for classifying what’s in an image/segmenting (drawing a box) around an object in the image rather than saying “given this image, this particular point on the subject in the image is relevant”.


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