help me understand how to build a working custom layer

Hi eveyone, i am a novice with tensorflow and i am trying to build a simple model with 1 custom layer with 1 trainable parameter M and a skip connection between the input and the final custom layer. The custom layer should calculate

$$M + ln(x) + 0.5* [inputpreviouslayer]*x^2 $$

where x is the input of the network (hence the skip connection). In other words i want that the neural network learn M and the inputpreviouslayer.

i tried with:

class SimpleLayer(tf.keras.layers.Layer):

def __init__(self):

”’Initializes the instance attributes”’

super(SimpleDense, self).__init__()

def build(self, input_shape):

”’Create the state of the layer (weights)”’

q_init = tf.zeros_initializer()

self.M = tf.Variable(name=”Nuisance”,initial_value=q_init(shape=(1), dtype=’float32′),trainable=True)

def call(self, inputs):

”’Defines the computation from inputs to outputs”’


return (self.M + tf.math.log( inputs[0], name=None ) +0.5 (1- inputs[1]*inputs[0] ))


from keras.layers import Input, concatenate

from keras.models import Model

from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dropout

from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense

from tensorflow.keras.optimizers import Adam

from tensorflow.keras import regularizers

def prova():

inputs = Input(shape=(1,))

hidden = Dense(200,activation=”relu”)(inputs)

hidden = Dropout(0.1)(hidden, training=True)

hidden = Dense(300,activation=”relu”)(hidden)

hidden = Dropout(0.1)(hidden, training=True)

hidden = Dense(200,activation=”relu”)(hidden)

hidden = Dropout(0.1)(hidden, training=True)

deceleration = Dense(1)(hidden)

hidden = concatenate([inputs,deceleration])

params_mc = SimpleLayer(hidden)

testmodel = Model(inputs=inputs, outputs=params_mc)

return testmodel


nn = prova()

nn.compile(Adam(learning_rate=0.02), loss=”mse”)

history =, y, epochs=15000 , verbose=0,batch_size=1048)

but when i try to run it i get

> __init__() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

can anybody tell me how to correctly modify the custom layer? how can i solve this issue? thanks

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