[Help] How to optimize posenet or handpose javascript?

I’m working on an experiment where users can interact with a 3D object using their gestures or hands. Posenet/Handpose is a great library, but the performance is not up to par just yet, without any 3d object the frame rate hovers around 10-12FPS which is not enough if you want to build an interactive installation.

Is there a way to optimize this, especially on macOS?

I’ve tried the following;

  • Using web worker (didn’t help much)
  • Using WebSocket and run TensorFlow on the server (Didn’t help much, because I can’t run the GPU backend)

What I haven’t tried.

  • Run a TPU server, a bit excessive and perhaps costly? Or is there an alternative for this?
  • Run it on an Nvidia platform (Might need to rent)

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