NVIDIA CloudXR 2.1 Delivers Support for iOS

The upcoming NVIDIA CloudXR 2.1 release will deliver support for Apple iOS AR devices, including iPads and iPhones.

The upcoming NVIDIA CloudXR 2.1 release will deliver support for Apple iOS AR devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Built on NVIDIA RTX technology, CloudXR is an advanced streaming technology that delivers VR and AR across 5G and Wi-Fi networks.XR users no longer need to be physically tethered to a high-performance computer to experience rich, immersive environments.

The CloudXR SDK runs on NVIDIA servers located in the cloud, edge or on-premises, delivering the advanced graphics performance needed for wireless virtual, augmented or mixed reality environments.

An early adopter of CloudXR on iOS is Brightline Interactive, a company that provides immersive VR and AR technology solutions to customers. Brightlight Interactive is using CloudXR to enhance immersive experiences and services for clients.

“With the addition of iOS support within CloudXR, we can now deploy content in a platform-agnostic way, enabling us to expand capabilities for delivery and increase our ability to target content for end clients,” said Jason Powers, chief creative technologist at Brightline Interactive. “From a developer perspective, porting apps from Android to iOS, especially for real-time rendered content, can be painstaking work. By utilizing CloudXR, we can quickly and easily add iOS as a target platform for our real-time networked augmented reality experience.”

The key features of CloudXR 2.1 include:

  • Apple iOS client will be available. This client sample is based on Apple ARKit.
  • WaveVR client sample is now updated to WaveVR SDK 3.2.0
  • Android client sample is now using Gradle version 6.1.1
  • Windows client sample is now using SDL version 2.0.14, as well as has a fix for dependencies on dynamic link libraries
  • Streaming parameters are optimized for networks with high jitter
  • Video bitstreams now signal sRGB transfer characteristics in bitstream header
  • Various minor bug fixes and optimizations

The CloudXR iOS integration will soon be available in NVIDIA Omniverse.

Omniverse is a collaboration and simulation platform that streamlines 3D production pipelines across industries by giving individual users and globally dispersed teams the ability to collaborate between leading industry applications in a shared virtual space in real time.  With the newest CloudXR iOS integration, Omniverse users will also be able to stream AR content using their iOS tablets and phones.

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