NVIDIA Delivers High-Quality XR Streaming on Microsoft Azure

The NVIDIA CloudXR platform will be available on NVIDIA GPU-powered virtual machine instances on Azure.

NVIDIA is raising the bar for XR streaming. Announced today, the NVIDIA CloudXR platform will be available on NVIDIA GPU-powered virtual machine instances on Azure.

NVIDIA CloudXR is built on NVIDIA RTX GPUs to enable streaming of immersive AR, VR or mixed reality experiences from anywhere. By streaming from the cloud, enterprises can easily set up and scale immersive experiences from any location, to any VR or AR device. Companies and customers no longer need to purchase expensive high-performing workstations to experience high-quality, immersive environments.

Delivering High-Fidelity Experiences from the Cloud

NVIDIA partners Innoactive, TechViz, and Vection Technologies are among the first to use CloudXR on Azure instances.

With NVIDIA CloudXR, customers of Vection Technologies can access the Mindesk platform from anywhere, using standalone AR or VR headsets like the HTC Vive Focus. Enterprises can now easily share their 3D CAD, CAM, and BIM environments among colleagues and customers in real time. And since most of the computation happens in the cloud, any business can take advantage of the capabilities of CloudXR without spending money on expensive computational powerhouses.

“One of the greatest obstacles to the adoption of AR and VR was the necessity for a dedicated GPU. And even when that is available, it is not enough for more complex and dynamic content like CAD, CAM, BIM and simulations,” said Gabriele Sorrento, director of Vection Technologies. “NVIDIA CloudXR solves both problems. By decoupling the app from the workstation, CloudXR makes complex AR and VR data available anywhere.”

Vection Technologies plans to ship the Mindesk Suite with NVIDIA CloudXR.

Another early user of CloudXR on Azure is Innoactive, a company that provides a platform to deploy VR training at scale in large organizations. Working with companies such as SAP, Innoactive uses NVIDIA CloudXR and Azure to enhance VR training while keeping content secure and easily accessible from the cloud.

“SAP customers have large and complex CAD models which they want to use in their VR process simulations and training applications,” said Michael Spiess, venture lead for extended reality at SAP. “With CloudXR, we can easily stream those VR simulations with the highest quality visuals to any device — whether it’s an HMD, a tablet, or even a smartphone. Innoactive Portal supports NVIDIA CloudXR and makes all this available with a click of a button. This will help us to offer XR Cloud services to our 200 million business users.”

Users can try CloudXR on Azure today by downloading the Innoactive Portal app, and experience XR streaming from the cloud with their own VR headset.

CloudXR Sets the Stage for Advanced AR and VR

The CloudXR platform includes:

  • NVIDIA CloudXR SDK, which supports all OpenVR apps and includes broad client support for phones, tablets and head-mounted displays.
  • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations to provide high quality graphics at the fastest frame rates.
  • NVIDIA AI SDKs to accelerate performance and increase immersive presence.

With CloudXR running on GPU-powered VM instances on Azure, companies can provide users with high-quality virtual experiences from anywhere in the world.

Availability Coming Soon

NVIDIA CloudXR on Azure will be generally available later this year, with a private beta available soon. Apply now for early access to the SDK, and sign up to get the latest news and updates on upcoming CloudXR releases, including the private beta.

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