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Hello, I had an older tensorflow model written in V1 of tensorflow. It has been quite a while, and I have forgotten how the model works, and how to print the summary of the model in tensorflow v1. What is the syntax to print the summary, I tried model.summary() but it returns an error.

These are the lines that the program runs to initiate training.

for i in range(epochs):traind_scores = []ii = 0epoch_loss = []while(ii + batch_size) <= len(X_train):X_batch = X_train[ii:ii+batch_size]y_batch = y_train[ii:ii+batch_size]

o, c, _ =[outputs, loss, trained_optimizer], feed_dict={inputs:X_batch, targets:y_batch})

epoch_loss.append(c)traind_scores.append(o)ii += batch_sizeprint(‘Epoch {}/{}’.format(i, epochs), ‘ Current loss: {}’.format(np.mean(epoch_loss)))


can someone tell me how to get the model summary?

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