Tensorflow Developer Certification Exam Preparation

I am planning to give the Tensorflow Developer Certification Exam.

I have gone through a lot of resources online on how other candidates have successfully cleared this exam.

I have already gone through the TensorFlow Developer Certification Handbook (candidate handbook and environment setup) which outlines the different topics that will be covered in this exam.

I have created a learning path for myself and planning to go through the following resources:

-> Coursera Tensorflow in Practice Specialization

-> Youtube Playlist: Machine Learning Foundation by Laurence Moroney, Coding Tensorflow, MIT Introduction to Deep Learning, CNN, Sequal models by Andrew Ng

-> Pycharm Tutorial Series and Environment set up guidelines

-> Hands-on Machine Learning with Sckit Learn, Keras, and Tensorflow (Ch. 10 to Ch. 16)

Apart from the resources, I have mentioned do you recommend or suggest any other valuable source of material that I should go through or add to my current learning path?

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