ICYMI: NVIDIA Jetson for Robot Operating System

In this month’s technical digest we’re highlighting this powerful capability and offer a collection of resources to help ROS users familiarize with the power of Jetson, ISAAC SDK, ISAAC Sim and a success story from NVIDIA Inception Member, Aerobotics.

While you are likely already familiar with Jetson as the NVIDIA AI platform for edge AI, you might be surprised to learn that the power of Jetson isn’t limited to solutions built entirely on Jetson platforms. Jetpack on Jetson and Isaac SDK, our robotics platform, adds AI capabilities to existing autonomous machines and bridges dependencies for diverse hardware and software solutions.

In this month’s technical digest, we’re highlighting this powerful capability and offering a collection of resources to help Robotic Operating System (ROS) users get familiar with the power of Jetson, Isaac SDK, Isaac Sim, and a success story on a startup in the NVIDIA Inception program.

Jetson and ROS tutorials

Accelerating AI Modules for ROS and ROS 2 on NVIDIA Jetson Platform
A showcase of support for ROS and ROS 2 on NVIDIA Jetson developer kits.
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Building Robotics Applications Using ROS and NVIDIA Isaac SDK
Learn how to use a ROS application stack with NVIDIA Isaac and ISAAC Sim.
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Implementing Robotics Applications with ROS 2 and AI on the NVIDIA Jetson Platform
Learn how to perform classification, object detection and pose estimation with ROS 2 on Jetson.
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Top 5 Jetson resources

Meet Jetson, the platform for AI at the edge
NVIDIA Jetson is used by professional developers to create breakthrough AI products across all industries, and by students and enthusiasts for hands-on AI learning and making amazing projects.
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Getting started with Jetson Developer Kits
Jetson developer kits are used by professionals to develop and test software for products based on Jetson modules, and by students and enthusiasts for projects and learning. Each developer kit includes a non-production specification Jetson module attached to a reference carrier board with standard hardware interfaces for flexible development and rapid prototyping.
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Free 8-hour class on getting started with AI on Jetson Nano
In this course, you’ll use Jupyter iPython notebooks on your own Jetson Nano to build a deep learning classification project with computer vision models. Upon completion, you receive a certificate.
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Jetson and Embedded Systems developer forums
The Jetson and Embedded Systems community is active, vibrant, and continually monitored by the Jetson Product and Engineering teams.
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Jetson community projects
Explore and learn from Jetson projects created by us and our community.
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Recommended hardware

Jetson Nano 2GB
Most affordable
At 457 GFLOPs for $59, this developer kit is the ultimate starter AI computer.
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Jetson Xavier NX
Great for multiple use cases
Run modern neural networks and advanced AI applications within the footprint of a credit card.
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Partner solutions
Production-ready now
Our ecosystem partners can support subsystem designs all the way up to fully realized autonomous machines with their associated requirements.
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Inception spotlight

Bilberry: Using Jetson for Computer Vision for Crop Surveying
In 2016, the former dormmates at École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in Paris, founded Bilberry. The startup developed a solution to recognize weeds powered by the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform for precision application of herbicides at corn and wheat farms, offering as much as a 92% reduction in herbicide usage.
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Do you have a startup? Join NVIDIA Inception’s global network of over 7,500 AI and data science startups.

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