What to use in place of Estimators and other Session-less issues

I am trying to learn Tensorflow, but most of the courses and tutorials focus on the v1.Session style code. Specifically I am looking at the estimators. When consulting the Tensorflow documentation there is a big red notice:

Warning: Estimators are not recommended for new code. Estimators run


-style code which is more difficult to write correctly, and can behave unexpectedly, especially when combined with TF 2 code. Estimators do fall under compatibility guarantees, but will receive no fixes other than security vulnerabilities. See the migration guide for details.

Looking at the migration guide, they only mention estimators in the capacity that they are still compatible.

My question

  • What are we to use in place of the estimators?
  • A secondary question, where can I get some good training material on purely v2.5 stuff that outlines a “clean” way to code networks without Session or anything that is going to be imminently deprecated?

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