Can this be built with tensorflow.js?

I’m currently learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript (still at an introductory level) and I am looking to explore machine learning via tensorflow.js. I was wondering if the following web app idea could be built using tensorflow.js or if anyone has any recommendations for frameworks that I could learn to achieve something like this?

Idea: – similar to Akinator (guessing a celebrity based off asking questions) but only for sports players – first ask the user to input as much information as possible into a text area box – not sure if this is possible, but can tensorflow.js scan for key words that has been inputted in the text area? – then if the web app needs to ask more questions (to come to a guess), they will ask some more (and use information from the text area + from different userInput to guide the questions asked) – then output a guess! – then this info can get stored to improve guessing for the next user

For example: – user inputs “Basketball player at Los Angeles laker. Tall. Number 23” into text area – AI can then ask “was your player previously at Miami Heat.” Etc etc – AI outputs guess: Lebron James – AI stores this information for next user

Very new to computer science so I’m not sure what avenue I would take to create something like this. But any suggestions regarding how I should approach this/what I should learn would be appreciated!

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