A new sub for ml engineering

Good day everyone and we hope you’re all doing ok. we felt a vacuum for a sub dedicated for ML engineering on Reddit. ML engineering as in “application of ML’ in real world. We are sure that a lot of people here do ML engineering as a job and they will be interested in having a place to share articles, ask questions, and in general, have a chill time with their passion. /r/ML_Eng focuses on the following:

– Application of Machine learning

– Implementing papers

– SMACK Stack and similar data pipeline tools

– Databases

– Model deployment

– DevOps related to ML

– Creating frontends for your model

/r/ML_End is a place where intermediate to advanced programmers who aren’t PhDs in ML can feel welcome. Anyting regarding application of ML is welcome. So join us there and we hope it all will be for the better!

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