Using Fully Redesigned Batch API and Performance Optimizations in nvCOMP v2.1.0

New nvCOMP v2.1.0 Library with Redesigned Batch API and Performance Optimizations

Today, NVIDIA is announcing the availability of nvCOMP, version 2.1.0. This software can be downloaded now free of charge.

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What’s New?

  • Enhancements to the low-level interface by adding configuration options, a new error-reporting mechanism, and functions that calculate the size of the decompressed output.
  • Redesigned Batch APIs
    • Low-level is targeting advanced users — metadata and chunking must be handled outside of nvCOMP. Perform batch compression/decompression of multiple streams, lightweight, and fully asynchronous.
    • High-level is provided for ease of use — metadata and chunking is handled internally by nvCOMP. The easiest way to ramp-up and use nvCOMP in applications.
  • All compressors are available through the updated low-level API (including Cascaded and Bitcomp – new in 2.1).
  • Performance optimizations for Snappy, LZ4, and GDeflate.
  • New high-throughput and high-compression-ratio GPU compressors in GDeflate.

See the nvCOMP Release Notes for more information.

About nvCOMP

nvCOMP is a CUDA library that features generic compression interfaces to enable developers to use high-performance GPU compressors in their applications.

Supported nvCOMP Compression algorithms:

  • Cascaded: Novel high-throughput compressor ideal for analytical or structured/tabular data.
  • LZ4: General-purpose no-entropy byte-level compressor well suited for a wide range of datasets.
  • Snappy: Similar to LZ4, this byte-level compressor is a popular existing format used for tabular data.
  • GDeflate: Proprietary compressor with entropy encoding and LZ77, high compression ratios on arbitrary data.
  • Bitcomp: Proprietary compressor designed for floating point data in Scientific Computing applications.

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