Using TensorFlow with Anaconda [help]

I’ve been trying to set up my tensorflow env and am having difficulty. For my project i need tensorflow, scikit-learn matplotlib, pandas and numpy.

When I go the conda forge route, and try to run my .py file, i get different errors for each iteration of the env that i have.

Some highlighting tensorflow-estimator; i’ve tried using different versions of this module, and tried different version of python and different versions of tensorflow.

Each environment yields a different error. So instead of trying to iterate through each version, i wanted to see if anyone had any clues to what I may be doing wrong.


If you use Anaconda w/ tensorflow and the other packages i’ve mentioned, if you can give me a breakdown of your env/version numbers for corresponding packages, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Error I am getting when using env. that strictly installs through packages through anaconda navigator (I have tried pip, I have tried conda terminal etc)

ImportError: cannot import name ‘MomentumParameters’ from ‘tensorflow.python.tpu.tpu_embedding’ (

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