How to learn tensorflow as a noob?

I am a mobile app developer. I have been working in IT for past 5 years. I took a Udemy course on TensforFlow from Zero to mastery. I thought as I have decent knowledge of software development I might pick up TensorFlow pretty quickly without really knowing the basics of machine learning but I was so wrong as I am having tough time understanding Tensorflow from the course. Everyone keep saying learn linear algebra, pandas, keras , scikit learn etc and a bunch of stuff. This is too much for me. For now I just want to learn how to create an ML model with a given data(Data can be anything image, text etc) and use that model in my web and mobile apps. I know there is something call TensorFlow lite which I can use in my apps directly but what is the bare minimum requirement I need to know before I start learning TensorFlow so I can easily pick it up later.

Also the the Udemy course which I took seems to be pretty good and lot of people seems to be liking it so I don’t think it really is the instructor’s fault as I don’t have my basics clear.

If anyone has any udemy courses that they can point me to would be great. I am looking more on practical approach and not jus theory boring stuff

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