Accelerating Geoscience Workflows with High-Performance Virtual Workstations

A graphic of a male geoscientist sitting at two monitors with an oil rig picture behind him.NVIDIA partnered with GeoComputing Group and Lenovo on a high-performance, secure, hybrid platform that enhances productivity for geoscientists.A graphic of a male geoscientist sitting at two monitors with an oil rig picture behind him.

Whether working remotely or in the office, geoscientists depend on fast access to large and complex datasets to be productive. Yet, up to 40 percent of their time is spent waiting for data to load, with additional time wasted waiting for geoscience applications using high-cost, legacy IT systems.

To improve productivity for geoscientists, GeoComputing Group, Lenovo, and NVIDIA partnered to create a Remote Interpretation and Visualization Appliance (RiVA). The high-performance computing platform was specifically created for subsurface workflows including seismic analysis and reservoir simulation. 

Using RiVA, oil and gas enterprises are able to access their data between 50x to 100x faster and reduce model deployment times significantly.

RiVA provides a high-performance, low-latency, consolidated environment for remotely hosted, industry-standard applications used in exploration and production. The platform integrates Lenovo servers and storage with NVIDIA RTX, GPUs, NVIDIA RTX virtual workstations, and Infiniband high-speed networking. 

It enables deployment of high-quality, 3D virtual workstations for large datasets and graphically intensive workflows in the oil and gas industry. A Remote Visualization Server (RVS) Module manages the hardware, software, and services for a comprehensive and performant scaling of virtual desktops for petro-technical workflows.

Geoscientists using RiVA can access datasets in a secure data center with a centralized compute model. Applications and data are secured in a private cloud, which helps increase application reliability, speed, and stability. Hybrid workers can overcome productivity drains caused by slow data delivery, delayed application responsiveness, or unexpected downtime.

Oil and gas companies using RiVA have reduced time to production for their infrastructure by up to 70 percent compared to traditional infrastructure builds. They have also experienced between a 100 and 400 percent return on investment in less than a year, providing a more efficient work experience for their geoscientists. With higher accuracy in subsurface analysis and accelerated workflows, enterprises are empowering geoscientists to find more oil in less time.

Explore NVIDIA energy solutions creating a more sustainable future. Learn more about the RiVA high-performance computing platform in the video below.

Figure 1. A day in the life of a GeoScientist introduces RiVA from GeoComputing, Lenovo, and NVIDIA.

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