Painting classification ESP32

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First of all, I’m an Embedded Systems engineer trying to use TensorFlow Lite Micro to classify paintings, or pictures in general. I started out with Edge Impulse because, well, it’s an easy way to get started. I managed to get the public car detection project to work on an ESP32-cam in not too much time.

But then; classifying paintings… I don’t know why, but it appears there is one dominant class which gets classified more easily than others. That’s the case with three portraits and one unknown class. The confusion matrix, test dataset and test with my mobile phone (with which I’ve made the dataset) all look and work good. When I quantize the model and deploy it to an ESP32, everything appears to work, but one class specifically overshadows another one.

In short; training a MobileNetV1 96×96 rgb network results in a great confusion matrix identifying three portraits. When deployed to an ESP32, one specific class appears to not work. The other three (unknown and two portraits) seem to work correct.

What could be wrong here? Oh and btw, if anyone knows good resources for an embedded systems engineer to get to know ML better, that’s more than welcome.

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