Latest Releases and Resources: March 3-9

Register for the Game Developer Conference; join DRIVE Developer Days; get DLI training at GTC; learn how Metropolis can grow your vision AI business; meet the Shell.AI Hackathon winners.

Our weekly roundup covers the most recent software updates, learning resources, events, and notable news. 


NVIDIA at GDC: Advancing Innovations for Virtual Worlds in Game Development

At the Game Developer Conference, attendees will experience how the latest NVIDIA-powered solutions are enabling developers to create more realistic, immersive virtual worlds for players.

Register online: NVIDIA at GDC

Learning resources

Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Development with DRIVE Developer Days at GTC

NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Days are March 22-23 and feature deep-dive sessions on safe and robust autonomous vehicle development. This special event showcases the latest innovations in autonomous driving and software-defined vehicle architectures. Special sessions led by the NVIDIA engineering team highlight the newest DRIVE solutions. Attendees will learn how to apply these technologies to their own autonomous vehicle development and have the opportunity to chat with engineers.

This virtual content is available to all GTC attendees and will be available on demand after the event.

Register online: DRIVE Developer Days

Hands-On DLI Training Labs Available at GTC 

Choose from 24 training labs taught by technical experts covering HPC, networking, deep learning, data science, conversational AI, computer vision, and more.

Register online: DLI Training Labs at GTC

Learn How Metropolis Can Boost Your Go-to-Market Efforts​

Tune in to this meetup replay and find out how the Metropolis program can grow your vision AI business and enhance go-to-market efforts​.

Learn how:

  • Metropolis Validation Labs optimize your applications and accelerate deployments.
  • NVIDIA Fleet Command simplifies provisioning and management of edge deployments accelerating the time to scale from POC to production.
  • NVIDIA Launchpad provides easy access to GPU instances for faster POCs and customer trial

Get started: Learn How Metropolis Can Boost Your Go-to-Market Efforts​ 


Meet the Winners of the Shell.AI Hackathon for Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Tackling climate change is an urgent challenge worldwide. Developing and delivering renewable energy sources is critical. To explore new opportunities for low-carbon energy, Shell collaborated with NVIDIA, OpenACC, and Microsoft, with support from SINE and NIRMAAN to launch the AI Solar Power Prediction Challenge. 

In this multi-stage hackathon, participants used historical sky camera images and weather data to predict cloud coverage cast over solar farms in Stage 1 and predict Global Horizontal Irradiance for any two-hour interval of the day. More than 2000 participants across 50+ countries rose to the challenge and over 6200 submissions were received. Selected Hackathon winners provided inspired solutions that were accurate, innovative and scalable, putting their passion to purpose to advance renewable and sustainable energy.

Meet the winners: Shell.AI Hackathon for Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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