Expanding Hybrid-Cloud Support in Virtualized Data Centers with New NVIDIA AI Enterprise Integrations

Get the latest on NVIDIA AI Enterprise on VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud Director, and new curated labs with VMware Tanzu and Domino Data.

The new year has been off to a great start with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 1.1 providing production support for container orchestration and Kubernetes cluster management using VMware vSphere with Tanzu 7.0 update 3c, delivering AI/ML workloads to every business in VMs, containers, or Kubernetes.

New LaunchPad labs

New NVIDIA AI Enterprise labs for IT admins and MLOps are available on NVIDIA LaunchPad:

  • VMware vSphere with Tanzu
  • Domino Enterprise MLOps platform

NVIDIA AI Enterprise with VMware vSphere with Tanzu

Enterprises can get started quickly with NVIDIA AI Enterprise running on VMware vSphere with Tanzu through the free LaunchPad program that provides immediate, short-term access to NVIDIA AI running on private accelerated compute infrastructure.

A newly added curated lab gives you hands-on experience using VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service to manage a containerized workload using the frameworks provided in the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite. In this lab, you can configure, optimize, and orchestrate resources for AI and data science workloads with VMware Tanzu. You get experience using the NGC registry, NVIDIA operators, Kubernetes, and server virtualization, all by running vSphere with Tanzu on NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise with the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform

MLOps administrators also have something to get excited about, with the addition of another new curated lab available soon on NVIDIA LaunchPad.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise provides validation for the Domino Data Lab Enterprise MLOps Platform with VMware vSphere. Enterprises can run through the lab and get hands-on experience on how to scale data science workloads with the Domino MLOps platform. Data scientists and AI researchers will be able to  launch the Domino Workspaces on-demand with container images configured with the latest data science tools and frameworks, included in NVIDIA AI Enterprise, accelerated with NVIDIA GPUs.

The Domino MLOps Platform enables automatic storing and versioning of code, data, and results. When IT administrators try this lab, they use familiar management tools provided by VMware vSphere with Tanzu. Deployed on NVIDIA-Certified Systems, IT now has the confidence of enterprise-grade security, manageability, and support. 

New AI Enterprise integrations with VMware

Service providers, telcos, and hybrid cloud enterprises using VMware now have access to NVIDIA AI on the following products:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware Cloud Director
Architecture diagram of AI Enterprise layer stacked on Vmware VSphere with Tanzu or VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu, over the accelerated mainstream servers (DPU or GPU)

Enterprise AI together with VMware Cloud Foundation

NVIDIA and VMware have expanded support for NVIDIA AI Enterprise to VMware’s flagship hybrid-cloud platform, VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4. Further democratizing AI for every enterprise, the AI-Ready enterprise platform combines the benefits of the full stack VMware Cloud Foundation environment with the NVIDIA software suite running on GPU accelerated mainstream servers that are NVIDIA-Certified.  This provides you with the tools and frameworks you need for successfully developing and deploying AI, while enabling IT administrators with full control of infrastructure resources. 

The integration of VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu and NVIDIA AI Enterprise enables enterprises to extend their software-defined private cloud platform to support a flexible and easily scalable AI-ready infrastructure. Administrators can deploy, configure, and manage IT infrastructure in an automated fashion, using powerful tools like vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler for initial placement and VMware vMotion for migration of VMs running NVIDIA GPUs.

IT admins benefit from this integration, but so do AI practitioners who can now easily consume admin-assigned resources for their AI and data analytics workloads to get them from development and deployment to scaling quickly.

Addressing the growing demand for AI in the cloud with VMware Cloud Director

As cloud providers are seeing increased demand from customers for modern applications that require accelerated compute, VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2 has added support for NVIDIA AI Enterprise. These service providers can now leverage vSphere support to run AI/ML workloads on NVIDIA Ampere-based GPUs with capabilities like vMotion, multi-tenancy GPU services combined with the most fundamental AI tools and frameworks all managed through VMware Cloud Director.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise with VMware Cloud Director enables industries like cloud service providers and telcos to provide new services for their customers. One example is intelligent video analytics (IVA) using GPU-accelerated computer vision to provide real-time insights for boosting public safety, lowering theft, and improving customer experiences.

Start your AI journey

Get started with NVIDIA AI Enterprise on LaunchPad for free. Apply now for immediate access to the software suite running on NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

Come join us at GTC, March 21-24 to hear and see NVIDIA, VMware, and our partners share more details about these new and exciting integrations. Register today.

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