using ROCm for tensorflow on RX 6000 series radeon cards.

Sorry if this was asked recently. I used google to search for this and pretty much only got old information. I know recently rdna 2 is supposed to work with ROCm but no one benchmarks the results.

I am looking to buy a new laptop soon and was hoping to get something in the “ultra portable” category with good battery life. Something with a 6800U or 6900HS. I had not been planning on getting one with a discrete gpu but the new Asus Zephyrus 14 has a 6800S, is fairly small considering, gets 8 to 10 hours on battery. Might get a lenovo Z13 if the price is right when it releases.

I mostly just ssh into my desktop at home so I am not buying the laptop specifically for deep learning but I cant find anything I quite want in the laptop space with a 3060/3070. Obviously I would only do small test type work if I ever have to run it on the laptop and cpu training is possible, but would a 6800S gpu or maybe even the 680m onboard graphics train faster than the cpu?

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