Trouble with TensorFlow Lite on Debian 9 (I’m new to this)

Trouble with TensorFlow Lite on Debian 9 (I'm new to this)

I’m completely new to TensorFlow and Python (coming from PHP) but got my first image classification running. On my development system with Ubuntu 20.04 works everything fine, and the predictions are pretty accurate.

So I wanted it on my Smarthome System, which is a small embedded system with an AMD G Series CPU, and only 16GB SSD Space, running Debian 9.

In my first attempt I was also installing the whole Tensorflow Package, and tried to run my model. But that used almost all of my available space, and still didn’t worked. Keras could not load the model.

So now I wanted to switch to TensorFlow Lite. Removed the normal TensorFlow and installed the lite version with apt (as recommended by the documentation).

I have stared to rewrite my check script, but I get errors already at import tflite_runtime.interpreter as tflite

I have absolutely no clue what the reason for this error is, or how I get rid of it. Google and Documentation wasn’t helpful so far.

My overall goal is to get an image via http from the local network, and give the detection back as a JSON, so that my smarthome system can run the script, and process the result.

I put my code into a github repo. The is what I want to run on my smarthome device. is the original script that works fine on my development system.

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