tf1.15 from tensorflow.python.types import core ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘tensorflow.python.types’


$>conda list tensorboard 2.8.0 pyhd8ed1ab_1 conda-forge tensorboard-data-server 0.6.0 py37h03978a9_2 conda-forge tensorboard-plugin-wit 1.8.1 pyhd8ed1ab_0 conda-forge tensorflow 1.15.0 gpu_py37hc3743a6_0 tensorflow-base 1.15.0 gpu_py37h1afeea4_0 tensorflow-estimator 2.5.0 pyh81a9013_1 conda-forge tensorflow-gpu 1.15.0 h0d30ee6_0 termcolor 1.1.0 py_2 conda-forge 

is the tensorflow-estimator messing around with tf itself?

the tensorflow-estimator 2.5.0 comes with the tf-1.15

how come they are not compatible with each other when conda install them together…..shouldn’t conda recognize the conflicts and get the correct one?

how to reconcile them properly?

just downgrade the tensorflow-estimator?

thanks a lot

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