Compiling older version of Tensorflow on a Pi 400

Howdy there! Pardon if this ain’t the right place but basically the gist is, I need an older version of Tensorflow that I (miraculously) used to run on an 18 year old 32-bit PC because I was too poor for a pi before my friend got me one as a gift once my dino finally died. I specifically need to get Tensorflow 1.12.2 running for a bot that I host for my buddies and I, but I’m at something of a loss as to how I’d do it. I’ve looked into guides but all of them are for 2.0 and or just announce “Tensorflow can be installed with pip/apt now!” and a command that doesn’t work for me. It feels as if all the guides for how to install Tensorflow 1.X on a Pi 4 onward have been wiped from the internet or replaced with stuff that just doesnt work or help, what guides I could find just didn’t work either. Bazel’s certainly not making it easy either. With that no python wheels work either, with all of them seemingly not made for arch64 or the version of TF I specifically need. So yeah, thats where I’m at. My Pi OS is the 64-bit lite version if that helps at all. Anything at all would be greatly appreciated as my poor bot has been offline for a long while. Thanks!

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