matrix_determinant error

The following code gives an error that says matrix_determinant was not found, what can I do to solve this?

import tensorflow as tf import numpy as np

matrix1 = np.array([(2,2,2),(2,2,2),(2,2,2)],dtype = ‘int32’) matrix2 = np.array([(1,1,1),(1,1,1),(1,1,1)],dtype = ‘int32’)

print(matrix1) print(matrix2)

matrix1 = tf.constant(matrix1) matrix2 = tf.constant(matrix2) matrix_product = tf.matmul(matrix1, matrix2) matrix_sum = tf.add(matrix1,matrix2) matrix_3 = np.array([(2,7,2),(1,4,2),(9,0,2)],dtype = ‘float32’) print(matrix_3)

matrix_det = tf.matrix_determinant(matrix_3) with tf.Session() as sess: result1 = result2 = result3 =

print(result1) print(result2) print(result3)

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