after instantiating a graph, data or node needs to pass before it loads the parameters?


after reading some materials.

still confused about this

 with tf.Session(config=sess_config) as sess: input_image = tf.constant(input_image, dtype=tf.float32) output = model.build_server_graph(FLAGS, input_image) output = (output + 1.) * 127.5 

why the data were passed into the graph before the parameters were initialized or assigned?

Maybe his self define graph requires the data to initialize.

but in the,


were used, but in the there is no such stuff. how did it work then? 

run() invokes which function actually ? looks like implicit

in this case, it seems it can load the parameters and it also can invoke the build_server_graph()

to infer the results from input??

thanks a lot.

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