Exporting results from model.predict() as a filter?

Okay, so here’s the basic idea:

I load a really big image. I then downscale the image, and feed it to keras, who’s gonna perform filter = model.predict(image) on it. I then wanna take the results of model.predict(image) and be able to use it as a filter, i could apply to the original image

I want to do this since i have plenty of power for a 4k or even 6k image, but larger than that, and the model starts to struggle. But applying a 6k filter on a 8k, 10k or even 12k image doesn’t really affect the results at all (tested with good ol’ photoshop) So performing model.predict(image) on a lower res version, would save RAM, computational power, and a lot of time 🙂

But is this possible? and if so how?

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