"kernel driver does not appear to be running on this host"

i looked the problem up but i didnt find any solutions plus the only threads i found were problems with poeple who wanted to use tensorflow with gpu. so here i post:

My situation:

i know basics in python and know a little bit about virtual environments and im using tensorflow object detection api without gpu on ubuntu 18.04

I installed the tensorflow object detection api with this anaconda guide “” , tho im not sure if i activated the tensorflow environment (“conda activate tensorflow”) doing this. It worked fine and wrote various programs with spyder 5.2.3 using tensorflow and object detection.

Then i did a terrible rookie mistake and updated anaconda and i believe conda too cause i was pretty much mindlessly copying some pip commands and everything stopped working cause of a dependency chaos.

i tried with conda revisions to revert the update but it wasnt working and i tried deleting anaconda with

conda install anaconda-clean

anaconda-clean –yes

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

and uninstalling tensorflow with

pip uninstall tensorflow

and tried reinstalling the whole thing twice but since then i get the classic error or hint for not using a gpu but additionally some error message like “kernel driver does not appear to be running on this host” and UNKOWN ERROR: 303 with some luda files missing which are associated with Cuda, but i dont use cuda since i have no gpu.

does it have something to do with a virtual environment i dont use or did i not uninstall tensorflow or anaconda properly or something else.


would appreciate some help if possible

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